Leadership Training for Teams and Individuals

PRISM Leadership Training is a series of workshops designed to boost the leadership skills of individual contributors for the good of your team and organization. Each workshop focuses on one aspect of management and includes interactive exercises and role-plays to practice using the learned skillset within your team’s work environment. The Leadership Training Series includes:

Effective communication is essential to achieving a collaborative, productive, and engaging work environment.  Particularly in times of transition and change, the way working groups share and receive information can mean the difference between success and failure.  In this training, we offer tips and strategies that will support participants in deepening their ability to communicate effectively.

In this session, we will discuss ways to motivate and retain all employees, with a focus on younger employees, including Millennials.   Employers often invest significant resources in training and developing their workforce, and ensuring that key skill sets are represented within their organizations.  We will discuss strategies for retaining that investment, and how that might differ according to experience and expectation.

People deal with conflict in different ways.  In the workplace, there is always conflict, small or big.  Knowing how you deal with conflict, and carefully observing how others with whom you work deal with conflict, can be especially important to good working relationships and operational efficiency within a business setting.   Topics covered in this training include: exploring different styles of conflict management and how they impact workgroups; discovering what conflict styles are most difficult for individuals to deal with; and the implications of conflict management styles in your workplace.

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Have you ever been at work and thought to yourself, “Am I crazy or is this really not working out?” This workshop will help you identify the times when you should continue to work things out versus when you should call it quits. We will cover situations such as employee performance, manager-employee relationships, team dynamics, and conflict.  This workshop offers practical skills and ideas to empower managers and employees to work through normal conflicts that they will experience in the workplace and maximize their workplace team performance.

There are two aspects to effective feedback: giving it well and receiving it in a way that makes it productive.  Our first session centers on how to give good feedback.  We examine the three aspects of good feedback: appreciation, coaching, and evaluation.  Participants learn when and how to provide good feedback, and what responses to expect.  The second session focuses on how to most constructively use feedback, even when the person providing the feedback does not do so in the most productive way.

Many workgroups include a jerk, or two.  What can you do?  You can lessen the impact of the jerk’s behavior.  Some strategies involve working directly with the jerk.  Others focus on training and support for the jerk’s co-workers.  In this session, we identify specific types of problematic behavior.  We then focus on how to handle this difficult behavior in the workplace.  You will leave with ideas and strategies you can put into practice.

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Whether opting for some or all of the training sessions, we strongly recommend beginning with Effective Communication. We designed the Leadership Training series to touch on leadership at all levels of the organization, so everyone on your team will benefit!

To learn more about how our Leadership Training Series can help your managers and employees, call us today at 603.225.0477 or fill out our contact form.

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