Organizational Conflict Management – Breaking Down Barriers to Get the Most from Your Business or Organization

Conflict is inevitable and found in every organization.  Conflict itself can be productive.  But inaction or the inability to properly manage conflict is often detrimental.

Organizations depend on employees and volunteers for success.  Even with careful hiring and extensive training, interpersonal conflicts arise in the workplace.  Those conflicts lead to lower productivity, disgruntled employees, and the potential for complaints, claims, and legal battles.

It does not have to be this way.

We understand that enhancing skills in key areas of human interaction can decrease the types and levels of conflict and increase productivity and effective communication.  People work better and smarter when their strengths are recognized and utilized in cohesive work teams.  Investment in creating and maintaining those effective work groups pays off in employee satisfaction, improved productivity, employee health, higher employee retention, and an improved bottom line.

How We Help Minimize the Adverse Effects of Conflict

We are trained to identify the reasons for conflict in a company or organization and to resolve that conflict in a proactive and constructive manner.

Our background in dispute resolution allows us to focus on strengthening group dynamics and building a process through which teams communicate better to advance organizational goals.  We work closely with human resources professionals to identify the issues and develop a protocol for working with individuals and teams.

PRISM Conflict Solutions

We Work With Employers of All Sizes

We train individuals, work groups and managers focusing on how to become more productive through better communication and conflict management. Our training approach incorporates adult learning concepts, combines theory with action, and includes opportunity for immediate practice.

We value the accumulated wisdom of the participants and incorporate their experiences to increase specific outcomes. Our background in mediation, facilitation and public dialogue allows us to focus on strengthening individual skills and group dynamics so that team communications advance the goals of the organization.

We provide both customized training and pre-designed solutions to meet specific organizational needs. Some of the topics we cover include:

Our Conflict Management Services

We offer a variety of conflict management services for organizations, including those mentioned next. We also offer customized solutions when desired.

Specific Situation Conflicts

In some businesses and organizations, a discreet conflict may have existed for years, such as one between two different teams. We provide consulting for organizations dealing with these types of specific conflict-based issues, and work at the individual, team, and organizational levels to assist employees and managers grappling with personal conflict.

We identify the reasons for conflict and provide resources for those in conflict. As a neutral party, we are able to ask the difficult questions, get to the heart of conflict, and help those involved reach solutions without the inherent bias that typically exists when an internal manager seeks to solve these types of issues. Further, as a neutral party, this process allows managers not to become attached with lasting ill-will that can otherwise develop with respect to conflict resolution.

Coaching for Key Personnel and Group Interaction

We provide coaching services at both the individual and group levels.

Coaches engage in a collaborative relationship with an employee or group to analyze the reasons for conflict, assess individual conflict management styles and identify strengths and consider ways to improve communication and collaboration.

Coaches present opportunities for employees and managers to receive honest, private, feedback and work toward agreed-on individual goals. Coaches support work groups in using the information they have developed individually to enhance the collaboration in the work group.

Often our focus is helping key managers who are viewed as having long-term potential for businesses or organizations. While these managers are often high performing in their individual capacities, they may lack interpersonal skills which can lead to unintended conflict. We assist these managers in becoming better leaders so that they can realize their potential.

Our Systems

We design systems for organizations that both prevent and resolve problems among stakeholders in the organization. A conflict management system supports the organizational culture and encourages conflict management between individuals and work groups. A strong conflict management system supplies an organization with specific tools for enhancing relationships and improving productivity and satisfaction.

Our systems provide a variety of processes and opportunities to meet the individual and organizational needs. We will work with you to:

When conflict does arise, employees trained to deal with conflict are better able to find sustainable solutions and return their attention to their work.

Our Goal, Like Yours, is to Elevate Your Game

We provide what your human resources personnel can’t – time devoted specifically to problem solving. We know that your ultimate goal is to retain good employees and strengthen your business. We can help your organization find the solution that works for you and your employees.

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