Moving Beyond Crisis

We focus on developing with you the tools and strategies you need to resolve conflict, create stronger teams, and help your business move through conflict more efficiently and effectively.

Our tools include:
Mediation Solutions for Organizations and HR Professionals

We can help you determine which of these tools is the best for your organization based upon your needs and objectives.

Eliminating Division and Bringing the Team Together

A once cohesive team becomes fractured, and people retreat to their silos. Efforts by management and/or HR to fix the situation have been unsuccessful.

We provide a different PRISM so that team members can work together to remove road blocks and create a new path forward.

Find Out How We Can Help YOU!

Workplace problems continue (and often get worse) because managers don’t know where to turn, they are not trained in conflict resolution, and often are seen as having vested interests. Conflict avoidance (and evasion) unfortunately becomes the norm.

We help managers solve problems, move through conflict, and create a “fresh start” using custom solutions based on successful techniques so that teams can maximize their potential.

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