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Moving Beyond Conflict

At PRISM Conflict Solutions, our specialty is conflict resolution at work. Our team provides services to help your team improve communication and deal with challenging interpersonal and team dynamics. We offer a variety of tools that are tailored for your workplace based on the organization’s challenges and culture.

Our tools include:


How Does PRISM Conflict Solutions Help Businesses?

Every team is different, and we adapt our approach to meet you where you are. For many clients, the first step is an informal assessment. We meet with and listen to leaders, team members and other stakeholders either virtually or in-person. After we learn about the team and its needs, we work with you to design a strategy to address your specific challenges.

We offer single session workshops with some clients and have recurring sessions with others. Our recommendations are designed to help you build capacity to manage conflict constructively so that you can turn your focus to other strategic goals. Some of our clients include hospitals, universities, corporations, non-profits, and family-owned businesses.

Workplace Conflict Management

Workplace Conflict Management

Offering Mediation Solutions for YOUR
Greatest Workplace Challenges

  • The Toxic High Performer/Rainmaker
  • Gaps in Generational Expectations
  • Conflicts Between Co-Workers
  • Rifts Between Functional Areas/Teams
  • Misaligned Cultural Expectations
  • Avoidance of Tough Conversations
  • Dysfunctional Meetings
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Breakdown in Trust
  • Operating in Silos

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PRISM Finds Your Best Path to Conflict Resolution at Work

Work Through Team Conflicts. Improve Communication. Overcome Challenging Group Dynamics. Effectively Manage Difficult Behaviors. 

We support individuals and groups in conflict by providing tools and strategies designed to turn conflict into choice. Our team provides external, independent ombuds services, giving you a group of experts devoted specifically to managing and resolving conflicts at work. Our services help our clients cultivate new norms and opportunities for collaboration.

Contact our team to learn how you can create a healthier work environment and develop skills to achieve conflict resolution in the workplace. PRISM provides workshop-style services, but we also provide more formal Mediation and Arbitration services through Hess Gehris Solutions.

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