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Our Conflict Resolution Strategies Have Been Effective Time After Time.

“We had a multi-million dollar collaborative project across multiple countries that required navigating different cultures and communication styles as well as personalities which was really difficult. I found PRISM during a moment of absolute despair after months of trying to get this team to work together.  I was losing hope that this team would ever find a way to bridge all of these challenges to actually deliver on our project. PRISM did a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the various members of the team by meeting with everybody individually and observing our team dynamics. PRISM was able to have individual coaching sessions with several of us as well as group sessions to help us understand how we were communicating ineffectively and what strategies we could take to improve our engagement. Within a matter of months we all developed the skills to navigate really challenging personalities and situations and develop the ability to move our projects forward at a remarkable pace. We are now looking forward to delivering the first round of outputs for the project and this would not have been possible without the skills and knowledge that PRISM brought to the table. The success of this project and our group’s ability to work together have completely hinged on PRISM’s expert coaching.”

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“We have rolled this philosophy out beyond our leadership team and have included our front-line team members. This has led to a decrease in the number of issues that are escalated to leadership and an increase in issues that are resolved in the moment between the two parties.”

Chief Medical Dr. / Hospital
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“Lauren helped me navigate a very difficult scenario as I began a new role managing a team that had expectations that were misaligned with the needs of the company. Her guidance and coaching gave me the tools I needed to develop a strong team that held trust and collaboration as the guiding principles. The result was a very successful team that I am incredibly proud of!”

Vice President, Investor Relations
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The PRISM Team Helps Resolve Conflicts & Restore A Healthy Work Environment.

Every workplace has unique organizational challenges. The PRISM team helps groups identify and address these challenges to increase team effectiveness.

We help clients restore peace and productivity to work groups so that conflict doesn’t create an irreparable rift in your organization.


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